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Random Story Generation-a-Go-Go

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During the late '90s, a community of improvisational creativity grew up around the Improfanfic and Impromanga (now Centerstorm Online) websites. Sadly, this style of round-robin art and writing died out after only a few years, and has never been able to attract enough participants to make a comeback.

The original appeal of Impro was the fact that it forced one to be highly flexible, adapting to the most unexpected changes made by the last writer. While there are many communities out there that provide random story ideas or challenges requiring specific things to be included in or excluded from the final piece, we've found nothing that operates quite like Impro. In an effort to simulate this all-around randomness without having a group to work with, I've been experimenting with ways to build characters, plots, worlds, and other such things using systems beyond the writer's control. I'm keeping a running list of some of these in its own special entry.

In NaNoWriMo 2006, I experimented with using these methods to create an original story completely from scratch. Although I wasn't able to transcribe all of my building notes to this journal, a good portion of the results are still recorded here. The most important thing would probably be the post with all the rules for the project.

I hope to build other stories this way in the future. It would also be cool if this kind of thing caught on with other writers, so feel free to spread the idea around. :)

--The Ark of Eden.

The content of this journal will likely be rated PG-13 to R.
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